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How to correct My Absence

If you have already recorded time off, these are instructions how to change your request. Edit Approved Time Off Request (green) Click the Absence Application on your Home Page. Click Correct My Absence. Navigate to the approved absence request you would like to update and click on it. Click the Negative Sign to erase a day. Check […]

Save Money – Don’t Pay Sales Tax

As a not-for-profit educational institution, Washington University is exempt from Missouri sales tax. Missouri sales tax should not be paid on purchases made on behalf of the university. The fastest, easiest way to comply with this best practice (and save MarComm money) is to work directly with a member of the operations team.  Find someone with […]

Today in MarComm

The “today-in-MarComm” Slack channel’s purpose is to highlight and communicate University Marketing & Communications productions “as they happen,” straight from our talented team! If you have questions about using Today-in-MarComm, please contact any of the senior managers.  Contributions from all corners of 276 are welcome. The administrators for MarComm’s Slack tool are Galen and Jeff.  […]

General, random, and philanthropy Slack channels

The Slack “philanthropy” channel is for opportunities to support individuals or groups, or to make the world a better place.  For example, it’s for military care packages, Girl Scout cookies, and various similar announcements.  It’s up to you to opt in to this channel. The “general” channel on Slack is for items of general interest […]